Screen printing t-shirt example using birds and florals
Screen Printing Example

T-shirt Printing Offers Endless Possibilities!

SaRi's Creations Screen Printing in Cleveland, Texas

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is a popular printing process that uses a mesh screen to transfer ink onto flat surfaces of almost any kind, including fabric, paper, wood, metal, and plastic. T-shirt printing is the most common type of screen printing, but certainly not the only usage. It is a flexible, cost-effective method of transforming ideas into art in a wide variety of applications.

T-shirt printing isn't the only application of screen printing. SaRi's creations can screen print onto hoodies, PJs, Halloween costumes, aprons, and other apparel items. T-shirts, hoodies, and more can be easily transformed into personal statements of style, beauty, and uniqueness. Company or team logos, images, and other artwork can add that special touch of class and functionality to everyday household and business garments.

For schools, businesses, and other organizations, screen printing is also widely used to create distinctive posters, notebooks, folders, signage, labels, shipping boxes, paper bags, custom poly mailers, and other promotional materials. In fact, your logo or slogan can be applied on almost any item you can imagine, including beach balls, hat patches, umbrellas, headbands, koozies, totes, car sunshades, foam fingers, and backpacks.

Fun and colorful designs can also be added to a wide variety of gift items – from customized pillowcases, coasters, towels, and napkins to even personalized door mats.

Your gift-giving thoughtfulness will be on vivid display - when you present your distinctive custom screen-printed gift crafted by SaRi's Creations in Cleveland, Texas!
Bookbags with bright design by Sari's Creations
Bookbags with bright design by Sari's Creations

Long-lasting Designs

Another important advantage of screen printing is durability. The inks used are typically longer-lasting than inks used in other printing methods and the designs are more resistant to fading and cracking. In addition, screen-printed applications are generally superior in withstanding exposure to the elements, ultra-violet radiation, wear-and-tear, and frequent washings – making screen-printed apparel and promotional merchandise ideal for both indoor and outdoor use!
SaRi's Creations is your screen printing expert in
Cleveland, Houston, and Southeast Texas!
Baseball jersey and cap - custom designed by Sari's Creations
Baseball jersey and cap - custom designed by Sari's Creations

A Process With A Great Look At A Great Value!

In a nutshell, creating a screen printing design involves several steps, all beginning with an idea. Then, a stencil of the design idea is created on a mesh screen. The areas not to be printed are blocked out on the screen.

Next, as ink is applied to the screen, a squeegee pushes the ink down through the open areas of the mesh to bring the design to life on the fabric below. This process is then repeated for each color in the design, allowing intricate designs to be accurately reproduced.
 The end result is a beautiful customized and personalized gift or promotional item - or a treat for yourself! 
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