SaRi's Creations in Cleveland is your customized tee shirt source! 

Process showing how Heat Press vinyl transfer works for a t-shirt
Process showing how Heat Press vinyl transfer works for a t-shirt


SaRi's Creations is Clevelands' perfect destination for custom heat transfer t-shirt designs. 

At SaRi's Creations, you can find the best custom t-shirts in Cleveland and the surrounding areas of Southeast Texas. We offer t-shirt heat transfers using heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and direct-to-film (DTF) transfers.

Our affordable customized t-shirts are perfect for promoting businesses, showing school or team spirit, fundraising, and more. The only limitation is your imagination.

Sari's uses two methods to create your personalized t-shirts. The versatile Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) transfer method or direct-to-film (DTF) transfer method.

Custom t-shirts allow you to express your personality and style. HTV and DTF transfers have unique benefits and characteristics that set them apart from traditional Screen Printing or Embroidery. Does your design include intricate details, small text, or complex graphics? If so, HTV or DTF is your answer!

Heat transfer vinyl and direct-to-film transfers allow for a high level of customization that may be difficult to attain by other common methods. This is especially true if your design contains a variety of sizes, styles, colors, individualized names, or numbers. With HTV transfers and DTF transfers, each element in your unique creation can have varying characteristics without requiring extensive setup changes.


Heat Transfer Vinyl and DTF transfers are perfect for bringing out ...
the very best in your creations!

Peel away clear transfer sheet from heat transfer vinyl
Peel away clear transfer sheet from heat transfer vinyl


From personalized t-shirts to custom caps, we can bring your unique style to life. 

The process of Heat Transfer Vinyl is quite simple. Initially, a design is conceived and created using digital tools and then applied to vinyl. Once the vinyl has been cut into the desired shape, it is firmly bonded to the fabric with the help of heat. This simple process enables individuals and small businesses to create amazing-looking items at an affordable cost. The Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) process results in a smooth and seamless design.

Direct-to-film (DTF) designs are printed onto transfer film using water-based inks, coated with a special adhesive powder, and transferred onto fabric using a heat press. DTF prints have a smooth and elastic texture, which ensures their longevity.

Embroidery designs feel more textured than HTV and DTF because of their stitching process. Unlike Screen Printing, which applies ink through a mesh screen, HTV and DTF apply a full-color design directly onto the item. Any of These methods is great for creating eye-catching designs, but each has unique characteristics. With two decades of experience, SaRi's Creations provides the appropriate method to match your project, materials, and budget!
Custom T-shirts, caps, bags, and accessories can be transformed into eye-catching promotional items with intricate designs.

Unleash your unique style with SaRi's Creations. Contact us today! 

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What are the differences between HTV and DTF?

Are you having trouble deciding between HTV and DTF? Don't worry, we have you covered. Here are some key considerations we use when helping our clients make their decisions.

For custom apparel like personalized t-shirts, HTV is usually recommended when working with simple designs with clear outlines. In contrast, DTF is generally more suitable for complex or intricate designs.

Regarding garments, we consider the fabric's color, type, texture, and heat sensitivity. DTF is typically the wiser choice for non-fabric items such as mouse pads, leather items, hats, jeans, and plastics. However, HTV can be applied to non-textile surfaces with the right temperature and pressure.

DTF garments are moderately more durable and survive a few more washes than HTV. Still, the differences are not stark, and other considerations may make HTV the better choice for your particular project. 

Creating detailed, complex designs and graphics in a wide array of vibrant colors makes HTV the perfect option for customizing your favorite T-shirts, sportswear, and other apparel items. The vinyl used is long-lasting and easily accommodates heavy wear and regular washings. Your designs will remain colorful and stunning for repeated enjoyment.

DTF printing utilizes high-quality powder-based adhesives to attach the print to the garment. DTF prints are applicable to almost any material that can withstand the heat and pressure required to apply the print. DTF can be used on a wider range of items and is ideal for more intricate designs, and it also promises a longer lifespan for the print.

When it comes to custom t-shirts, caps, and more, SaRi's 20 years of experience will ensure the perfect match of material, color, and design with the best heat application method.


Whether you desire a single personalized t-shirt or logo emblazoned t-shirts for an entire company...


SaRi's Creations is Cleveland's Number 1 Choice!


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